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Re-Examining Pre-Season Predictions

To say predictions are an inexact science is an understatement; especially after re-examining Illegal Curve’s pre-season predictions.

Here are the categories we decided to predict before the season began. Under each category will be the Illegal Curve writers who actually got a prediction right.

The original predictions can be found here: Original Predictions (Kyle’s can be found here)

Eastern Conference Champion: Montreal Canadiens

Analysis: Not one Curve writer picked the Habs to win the East. However, this isn’t that embarrassing considering no one we know picked the Habs to win the conference either.

Western Conference Champion: Detroit Red Wings

Analysis: Only Kyle and Jonny picked the Wings to top the West. While 2/9 writers sounds terrible, 5 of us did have the second place Sharks.

Art Ross Trophy: Alexander Ovechkin

Analysis: No one picked Ovechkin! I guess we thought he just scores goals…

Calder Trophy: Yet to be determined.

Analysis: Predictions of Backstrom, Toews, Price and Gagner were all fairly solid. The one oversight appears to have been Patrick Kane. Props to Kyle for the under-the-radar Gagner prediction.

Most Surprising Player: Sergei Samsonov (the most surprising of the players we selected)

Analysis: Adam from the Numbers Game won this round. While I had Johan Franzen, Samsonov surprised most everyone with his bounce-back season in Carolina. (Note: I will ignore the fact that Samsonov was selected as Adam’s surprise player on Chicago…)

Most Disappointing Player: Jason Blake

Analysis: Steve called this from a mile away. While some had Dustin Penner, Blake was the biggest bust of the group by far.

Most Surprising Team: Washington Capitals

Analysis: Both Steve and Adam had the Capitals from the outset. The team’s 3rd place finish most certainly was surprising. Only because the Capitals made the playoffs did they upstage Kyle’s surprise pick of the Oilers.

Most Disappointing Team: Vancouver Canucks

Analysis: Rocky and I had the Canucks and we were the only two writers to predict a disappointing team and have that team not make the playoffs. Hey Remis, nice call on the Habs!

For Illegal Curve, I’m Richard Pollock.