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Radko Gudas gets 10 game suspension for slashing Jets Mathieu Perreault

NHL Player Safety is calling Flyers D man Radko Gudas after he slashed Mathieu Perreault.

Mathieu Perreault was still finding his legs in the 1st period in the game against the Flyers, his first NHL contest since October 14th.  He found himself battling Philadelphia defenceman Radko Gudas behind the Flyers net and as 85 was falling to the ice, Gudas chopped down with his stick on Perreault’s head.

In case you didn’t see it:

Initially the refs gave them both penalties and it looked like it would simply be two minutes per guy.  However, the four zebras conferred (and perhaps saw the replay on the jumbotron) and decided to give Gudas five minutes and tossed him from the game.

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Photo Credit: Colby Spence

While the Jets failed to capitalize on this special teams opportunity, Mathieu Perreault wasn’t showing any ill effects from the whack by Gudas scoring a beauty on the power play in the 2nd period.

Following the game Perreault was asked about the hit.  “Got the meaty part of my neck so it wasn’t too bad.  Just kinda stung at first.”  When asked if he thought it was a dirty play Perreault indicated “he apologized in the penalty box but when you look at the replay it looks like he did it on purpose, so it wasn’t an accident.  I think he’s been known for doing stuff like that so I certainly don’t appreciate it but I’m sure the league will take care of it.”

Coach Maurice was also asked about the slash that Perreault received from Gudas and his answer was short and to the point “the league will handle that one”.

This morning they did just that as the Department of Player Safety twetted:

The in-person hearing gives the league the option to suspend for more than six games.  Gudas has been suspended numerous times including last October which means he is seen as a repeat offender (within 18 months of previous infraction).  TSN analyst Craig Button was calling for a 10 game suspension. We shall have to wait and see how the league handles this matter.

Update:  Gudas waived the in-person hearing and will instead have a phone hearing on Sunday according to NHL Player Safety.

Update II:  The NHL has suspended Gudas 10 games.

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