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Puck Prospectus: Do more shots on goal mean more points in the standings?

The Detroit Red Wings have been one of the best teams in the NHL since the lockout at getting shots on the opposition’s net. The Red Wings have clearly been a successful team, but what about the 29 other team? Let’s examine after the jump.

Did you know that the Toronto Maple Leafs are first in the NHL in shots on goal per game?  No, really, that is the truth.  So, this almost certainly is not a bad thing.  However, just how important is it to get a lot of shots on goal?

Let’s examine whether more shots on goal generally means more points in the standings:

Using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient, the findings establish that there is a 0.48 correlation between shots on goal and accumulating points in the standings since the lockout. This, while not the strongest of correlations, is still fairly significant. Overall, the above numbers suggest that a higher number of shots on goal will generally lead to a higher ranking in the standings.

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