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Prospect Pulse: USHL All-Star Game

I had the opportunity to watch the USHL All-Star Game on Wednesday night in Sioux Falls, SD and took a few notes on the draft eligible players. Here is what I saw, keeping in mind these notes reflect only the game itself and not the season at large:

John Moore- The Chicago defender, featured in two Prospect Pulse’s, had a relatively quiet game. He was moving the puck well but seemed to have trouble making decisions along the boards and was prone to turning the puck over when rushed. A USHL coach said he has been having a tough month.

Alex Chiasson- The lanky center was very quiet in the game, and struggled to find any chemistry with his linemates. He was good on faceoffs and thats about all I saw.

Stanislav Galiev (eligible in 2010)- Very slightly built, but has sick moves and can get a shot off in tight. Doesn’t compete very hard, but has all world stick handling skills. Think of a 16 year old Alex Kovalev.

Mike Dalhuisen- A solid defensive defender, Dalhuisen doesn’t appear on any draft lists. However, he does compete hard and is very solid defensively, with a sizable mean streak. After a  few years in college, I wouldn’t be surprised if an NHL team signed him as a free agent.

Blake Thompson- This was a kid that I didn’t know much about, but was pleasantly surprised. He doesn’t see a lot of ice time in Sioux Falls, but he skates and moves the puck well and is not afraid to take off with the puck or join the rush. Physical player.

Louis Leblanc- I really like this kid. He is quick in transition and will go into traffic to make plays. He was guilty of trying to make one too many passes in the offensive zone, but it was an All-Star Game.

Seth Helgeson- Another physical defender. Mean in front of the net and can make a first pass, though not overly offensively gifted.

Mike Cichy- Overlooked in last year’s draft, this North Dakota bound player should go this year. Solid two-way centerman with good offensive skills. He always wants the puck and is a threat to shoot or pass.

David Gerths- Another kid I didn’t know much about, this Lincoln winger works hard every shift and finishes checks. Nothing pretty about this game, but he certainly didn’t take any shifts off.

Josh Birkholz- This physical winger did his thing at the ASG, but like many others he failed to find any chemistry with his linemates and consequently didn’t do anything on the scoresheet.

Mike Lee- He was victimized for a few goals but was at the mercy of the Cedar Rapids line, who basically had their way in the West’s zone all night. Considering the shots and traffic he faced, not a bad night for the Fargo keeper.