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Prospect Pulse: Roman Josi

Just because I feel like it today, Prospect Pulse will feature another Dane. Roman Josi is 6’0, 180 pound defenseman is rated 19th overall by the Red Line Report. Did you know that? Me either. He is first and foremost an offensive defender who excels at handling the puck. He boasts deceptively fast speed and doesn’t sacrifice any of that speed when he is skating with the puck.

Using his speed and agility, Josi is adept at taking the puck coast to coast and seems to gain the offensive blue line at will. Is a good decision maker and jumps into the play regularly. Likes to coast into the slot and even deeper in the offensive zone but never seems to get caught out of position defensively. Josi’s best defensive attribute, aside from his positioning, is his ability to make a break out pass. Team’s cannot effectively fore-check him because he can burn teams with long tape to tape passes.

He displays excellent intelligence and is creative with the puck and anticipates the play without the puck. Scouts marvel at his soft hands (likely due to Palmolive) and how he can control the puck in tight spaces (thats what she said). Though he needs to get stronger, observers say you can’t deny his ability to create something every time he touches the puck.