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Prospect Pulse: Joey Crabb

I chose Joey Crabb for PP today because I like his name. Sounds like a guy who may have had a small role in a film like Goodfellas. Anyways, this Crabb is a prospect in the Atlanta Thrashers system. He was originally drafted by the New York Rangers in the 7th round of the 2002 draft, but failed to sign with the team and was inked as a free agent by the Thrashers.

Crabb had a very productive career at Colorado College, where he increased his point totals every season and scored at better than a point per game clip in his senior season. He was able to accomplish these totals despite playing on a deep CC team that featured standouts such as Marty Sertich and Brett Sterling.

The 6’1, 190 right winger graduated to the American Hockey League in 2006-2007 and posted a respectable 20 points in 63 games playing very limited minutes. Crabb adjusted well to this role according to his coaches, despite having been a 1st or 2nd line player for most of his career. This season, Crabb is off to a good start, tallying 10 points in 18 games again playing 4th line minutes.

Atlanta signed Crabb at the behest of Brett Sterling, who thought his former Colorado College teammate could bring something to the team. Atlanta GM Don Waddell has been impressed with Crabb thus far, noting that he has a good work ethic, is gritty and can always be found around the puck. More of a playmaker than a scorer, the forward noted that he has tried to simplify his game at the pro level before he tries to establish his offensive side.