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Prospect Pulse: Freddy Cabana

If you can find a more un-hockey name, I would appreciate you emailing it to me. Sounding more like a really bad porn name or perhaps a touristy bar in Cancun, Freddy Cabana is in fact a legitimate prospect belonging to the Phildelphia Flyers. He was taken in the 2004 draft, 171st overall after an underwhelming career in the QMJHL.

Once thought of as a dressing room cancer, Cabana wasn’t chosen until the 3rd round of the QMJHL draft despite gaudy midget numbers. He salvaged his reputation with a strong showing at the World U-18 championships, where he wore an “A” and contributed 5 points in 7 games. Interestingly, he was the only kid from the “Q” on that team.

He averaged a little over 30 points and about 70 PIMS a year with the Halifax Mooseheads, and worked his way up from a little used 4th liner to a speedy two-agitator. He has moved on to the Philadelphia Phantoms and acquitted himself well as a 20-year old rookie in the 2006-2007 season. He was used in the same role he performed well with the Mooseheads, and became a fixture on the penalty kill.

Scouts are most optimistic about Cabana’s speed and his willingness to play in traffic. He has been steadily improving offensively and isn’t shy about physical play, and as such can score goals in high traffic areas. A tenacious penalty killer, observers note that he just won’t give up on a puck. He is also said to possess the oft-cited “good hockey sense” and be strong on the face-offs, despite adequate shooting and passing skills. His upside is said to be that of a poor man’s Martin St. Louis.