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Prospect Pulse: Billy Sweatt

Billy Sweatt (pronounced swet), is a 2007 draft choice of the Chicago Blackhawks. If one were to use a singular word to describe his game, that word would be speed. Having watched Sweatt play two games against the UND Fighting Sioux this weekend, I feel its safe to say that Sweatt easily has NHL calibre speed and made equally fast Sioux defenders look like they were skating in quicksand on more than one occasion.

For me, the most impressive thing about Sweatt’s game is the transition he can make from defense to offense. He can start and stop in an instant and be at full flight in just a couple of strides. He made the ultra-quick Chay Genoway turn and give chase as Sweatt ripped up the right side and got off a shot. Though he doesn’t seem to have the hands to match his speed, Sweatt may indeed be an interesting addition to the Blackhawks lineup in the near future.

In addition to his speed and acceleration, Sweatt can boast good hockey sense on his playing resume. He rarely turns the puck over and is an effective penalty killer. Well liked by his team mates and coaches, Sweatt has trouble finding chemistry with other players because he is often so much faster than them.

Scouts feel that while Sweatt possesses big league speed and skills, he will need to work on strength and conditioning before he is able to advance to the next level.