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Prospect Pulse

Prospect Pulse: 1992’s and 1993’s (Part I)

Illegal Curve recently had the opportunity to attend the Little Caesar’s Motor City Cup in the Detroit area and took notes on some good young prospects in the 1992 and 1993 birth year. In no particular order, here are the players of interest (keep in mind that some good ones may have been missed, as I only saw each team for about one period of play).

Kyle Jackson-D- (1992) Blue Water Phantoms (5’11, 190)– Smart, heads up defenseman who plays a simple game. Possesses a good shot and can get it off quickly.

Trevor Clark-D-(1992) Buffalo Regals (5’10, 186)– Powerfully built defender who delivers punishing open ice hits. He is a good, not great skater who does the little things well. Plays in all situations.

Kyle Dolan-F-(1992) Buffalo Regals (6’2, 200)– Big winger who uses his size effectively and goes hard to the net, where he gives opposing defensemen all they can handle. Possesses good hands and moves well for a big kid.

Nicholas Koch-D-(1993) Buffalo Regals (6’1, 175)– Smart little defender who thinks the game well and plays feisty.

Peter Dudek-G-(1993) Buffalo Regals (6’1, 158)– Tall and gangly, he nonetheless gave his team a chance to win both games I saw. Quick and agile, he plays the angles well.

Brandon Kirk-D-(1992) California Stars (6’1, 190)– Excellent power play qb, very calm and collected with the puck. Always seemed to make the right decision. Hard, accurate shot.

#89-Name Unknown-California Stars (About 5’7, 155)– Shifty and skilled little playmaker. Elusive down low. If anyone knows who this is, please note it in the comments.

Anthony Annunziato-F-(1992) California Stars (5’9, 180)– Good nose for the net, part of a skilled trio of forwards who were dangerous every time they were on the ice. 5’9 might be a stretch, but very good with the puck.

Jarrett Stark-F-(1992) California Stars (5’10, 180)– Another one of the skilled forwards playing on the team. Not a big kid, but would compete hard in the corners and didn’t shy away from contact in front of the net. Very creative.

Michael Cummings-F-(1992) California Stars (6’1, 180)– Big winger who would ride shotgun for some the Stars smaller players. Hits like a freight train and can play the game.