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On the Beat: Ducks see bright future despite uncertainties, The process of becoming an NHL team owner, Panthers to play preseason game in Atlantic Canada, Joel Stein of Time Magazine pleads for hockey coverage

What team beat writers are saying this afternoon:

  • The Canes now are optimistic that Rod Brind’Amour, injured in Game 7 against the Boston Bruins, will play Monday in the Eastern Conference final opener against Pittsburgh.  His veteran presence will be necessary against the Pens.
  • I am going to do everyone in Detroit a favor (you’re welcome) and kill one story line before it begins.  Couldn’t agree more with her story.  You don’t turn everything around thanks to Sports.  Its a nice distraction but that’s about it.
  • As with any NHL team, especially in the modern salary-cap world, the Ducks face numerous questions as their off-season begins. 
  • The Bruins will take the weekend to recover from last night’s heartbreaker. They will hold their breakup day on Monday, when they’ll go through exit interviews and say goodbye as a group for the last time.  B’s nation cannot be happy that Scott Walker got the series winning goal. 
  • Still no word on whether the Sabres will be holding an end-of-season news conference to say what went wrong.  This team success is by way of Lansing, Michigan product Ryan Miller.  When he’s healthy they can ride him far.  His injury was just too much to overcome this season.
  • The Panthers that they will play their first preseason game of the 2009-10 season vs. the Ottawa Senators in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sept. 15.  Cue the NHL to Atlantic Canada music.
  • So you want to become an owner in the NHL? Be prepared to hand over a lot of personal information, including three years worth of tax records, an audited personal balance sheet, your mother’s maiden name, and the address of the high school you attended.  I’ve submitted my application.  It was easy.
  • Earlier this month, rumors buzzed that the Avalanche might simulcast their games next season – meaning Mike Haynes and Peter McNab’s TV broadcast would double as what you hear on the radio.  Good to see that people aren’t losing their jobs in this economy.
  • Joel Stein from Time magazine has a problem.  His editor doesn’t believe that hockey is relevant in the Excited States. But he has been fair-minded enough to give Stein a chance to make his case which he does in the current issue of Time. Readers are then asked to vote on whether Stein should be permitted to write about hockey in the future.  Is this a referendum on hockey in the United States?  Not likely, but it would be nice to see a positive response to Stein’s plea.
  • Some speculated, with good reason, that Mike Sillinger might be headed for retirement. But after undergoing two more operations, one on each hip, Sillinger is rehabbing and nurturing hopes of a comeback.  As we saw with Steve Sullivan this season, comebacks are possible.

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