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Boston Bruins

On the Beat

  • Peter Schaeffer has been waived by the Boston Bruins.  The Bruins have some good depth at forward and have better options than the expensive Schaeffer.
  • Here were the Blue Jackets’ lines at practice today.  A lot more talent than past years, that is for sure.
  • The Canes’ lines looked like this todayThe forward injuries in Carolina will be difficult to overcome.
  • The Rupp-Holik-Zubrus line won’t settle for the “Crash Line II” nickname.  They can be more original than that.
  • Is Josh Bailey going to stay up with the Islanders? Doesn’t look like it. Another year of seasoning wouldn’t hurt.
  • Are the Lightning going to change their home opener so as to not conflict with the Devil Rays? Doesn’t look like it and to be honest, they should just play the game as it is scheduled.