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Edmonton Oilers

Oilers offer Jagr 1 year, $7 million

From Dan Barnes of the Edmonton Journal:

But Plan B calls for a far less aggressive approach to Jaromir Jagr. A source said the Oilers are offering a one-year deal at more than $7 million US, leery as they are of a 36-year-old who might retire after one season and leave them on the hook for his massive salary cap hit whether he plays the second season or not.

Jagr apparently wants two years, which makes the Oilers a long shot. If Jagr heads for Omsk, Russia, and double-digit millions, stays in New York or lands elsewhere in the NHL and the Oilers go oh-for-two superstars this week, they are prepared to move ahead with their already improved roster.

Read more from Barnes here.

The Oilers can’t risk a two year deal with Jagr if there is no guarantee he would play two seasons. While I like their aggressiveness, I do wonder if Jagr is a good fit in Edmonton. The team is young and growing and already has leadership in place; adding Jagr to the mix may throw off the dressing room chemistry.