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Odds are that Forsberg will retire

Adrian Dater of the Denver Post:

“A knowledgeable Swedish source told me that during the Western playoff series between the Avs and Red Wings, the Avs flew in Peter Forsberg’s doctor who performed his last surgery and really grilled him hard on his troublesome right ankle’s condition, and that even after the series, there was a lot of discussion between him and the team about his future playing prospects.”

“There’s no word on what Foppa is thinking right now, but the betting line continues to be that he’ll retire. But I wouldn’t say it’s a huge betting line. Probably 65-35.”

Here is the full article from All Things Avs.

This does not come as much of a surprise. Granted, I am one of Forsberg’s biggest fans and when he did play last season, even limping a bit, he was still arguably a top 20 NHL player. If he can get his ankle in better shape come next fall, I would not be shocked to see him return. That being said, if his ankle was so bad during the playoffs, where we all know he would have done anything to play, the odds of 65-35 are probably fitting.