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Minnesota Wild

Notes from Minnesota Wild Camp: Day Three

I had the opportunity to attend Minnesota Wild camp today. Though the players were likely only skating at about 75%, it was fun to watch all the same. Here are some notes on a few of the players who stood out.

Owen Nolan- Wasn’t doing too much until he decided that he needed a goal, and promptly took the puck from the half-boards, waltzed around a defenseman (Eric Reitz, I think) and slid the puck 5-hole on Josh Harding. Promptly told the youngsters to get off his lawn. The move, to me, illustrated the difference between veteran NHL’ers and young prospects.

Colton Gillies- I thought he had a strong scrimmage. Played as physical as the scrimmage would allow, and was really trying to make things happen. Came back to break up the play a couple of times.

Petr Kalus- I saw him play in junior and he was never this feisty. Wasn’t shy about taking the body (again, as much as the scrimmage would allow) and had a little exchange with Nick Shultz in the corner.

Stephane Veilleux- Had a little bit of jump. Most notable for taking a slapper on a penalty shot. It wasn’t all that dangerous as Nik Backstrom didn’t even move for it.

Justin Hodgman- an undrafted OHL’er on a tryout didn’t look out of place. Had good speed and a willingness to go to the net.

Krys Kolanos- Has some good offensive moxie but seemed to think he would catch the Black Death if he back-checked.

Tyler Cuma- Paired with the gigantic John Scott and played a simple game. Made a couple of rush attempts, but nothing to turn any heads. Seemed to communicate well with Josh Harding.

John Scott- A towering beast of a player. Seemed to do all the little things right. Moved decently for a big guy.

I am going to head back tomorrow, and will write another quick review. Hopefully the tempo is a little higher than today, as it may allow me to get a  better read on the players.