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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nighty Hockey Hits: Senators prove Barnaby wrong

Financial issues are the main story tonight, but there is also some talk about the shootout, the NHL’s unhappiness with the Habs, Mark Messier running Team Canada and much more after the jump.

David’s unavailable tonight, so I am filling in.  Here are some stories from around the blogosphere:

  • Mark Spector of Sportsnet details all the financially struggling franchises in the NHL.  Two teams at the ACC makes sense but boy will it cost some serious coin.
  • Gabe Desjardins of Behind the Net Hoceky wonders what Glenn Healy is talking about when it comes to shootouts.  I find myself wondering what Healy is talking about on many occasions.  He is a knowledgeable guy, I just disagree with him about 75% of the time.
  • The fact that the Habs didn’t alert the NHL they were calling up and playing Ryan White is going to cost them a pretty penny, explains Bob McKenzie.  As I said to Bob on Twitter today, this is an assistant GM’s worst nightmare.
  • Scott Morrison of CBC thinks the decision to hire Mark Messier to run Team Canada’s entry at the World Championships is a good oneMorrison is right.  This choice makes a lot of sense for many reasons–but mainly recruiting top young talent.
  • Matthew Barnaby may not want to get into the prediction business–see his prediction at the beginning of the Senators/Flyers game.  I don’t understand why both of these teams are trying to be so cute with the puck when neither is having any success scoring.
  • Some fantasy advice from Dobber on Puck Daddy.  He’s right about Lupul; if you can get him in your league go after him.
  • Balanced scoring can go a long way, just ask the Kings.  Just wait until they get Smyth back and Dustin Brown gets going–although last night was a good start.