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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: ‘The Hakan-Hanukkah Song’, Leafs need miracle to make post season, Ray Emery to miss six weeks.

Looking back at the Rangers 93/94 Cup run; Which Devils will be at the Olympics; Kovalev PR push; Senators best-managed team of past decade; Thrashers PK; Miiko Koivu on living in Minny; Sedin keeps Canucks in hunt; Fantasy Hockey December hero’s. These stories and more after the jump.

Word from around the blogs:

  • Rangers Report:  Who led the Rangers in scoring in their championship season of 1993-94?  Know the answer?  If not click the link and read the post by guest blogger Walt MacPeek, who used to cover the Rangers for the Newark Star-Ledger, as he gives readers a look into the 93/94 Rangers run

    Photo Courtesy:  Battle of New York

    Photo Courtesy: Battle of New York

  • Running with the Devils:  Which Devils will be at the Olympics?  Figured there would be more on the various teams.
  • Broad Street Bull:  Ray Emery will undergo abdominal surgery and miss six weeks.  That’s not going to be good for business.
  • The Hockey News:  Toronto will need miracle to make post-season.  Doesn’t look good but at least they can prevent Boston with ending up with a high draft pick.
  • Lions in Winter:  Kovalev re-starting PR push?  Anytime you play in a Canadian city, you can expect some scrutiny.
  • Silver Seven:  The Senators are the best-managed team of the decade.  If only they could have translated that into a Stanley Cup win.
  • Bird Watchers Anonymous:  Who is playing well on the Thrashers PK unit.  This team has been pretty good on the PK. (5th overall).
  • Lightning Strikes:  Tampa Bay Lightning coach Rick Tocchet shuffles lines after Monday’s mass benching.   This team needs a wake-up call and perhaps this will work.
  • Wild Thing:  Mikko Koivu’s blog talking about life in Minneapolis.  His blog is in Finnish but the link includes the google translate feature.  Kuulostaa hän pitää kaupungista.
  • Globe on Hockey:  Oilers putting Lightning game online.  Nice to see team’s trying to try new things.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Henrik Sedin keeps Canucks in the hunt.  Impressive streak by SedinHas to be happy his bro is back

    Photo Courtesy: Vancouver Sun

    Photo Courtesy: Vancouver Sun

  • ESPN:  ‘The Hakan-Hanukkah Song’.  Pretty funny.  Put it to the sound of Adam Sandler’s version and it’s even better.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Win Leafs tickets.  Considering how difficult I hear it is to get tickets to Leaf games, Toronto fans might want to sign up.
  • Cycle like the Sedins:  Odd Woman Rush #1: Origins finale.  Cool feature where they ask the following questions of some female bloggers: Why are you a blogger? What pushed you across the threshold to go from fan/journalist/whatever to someone who publishes hockey posts? Did it have anything to do with “proving” your knowledge? Describe your motivation for starting your blog(s).
  • Dobber Hockey:  Miracles in December.  Might these December fantasy surprises brighten your holidays?

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In case you missed it, here is the NHL’s Winter Classic commercial: