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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: The East is the Least

Lots of news tonight including: WJC news, 30 thoughts from Elliotte Friedman, some Luke Schenn talk, Coyotes ownership issues and just how bad the Eastern Conference has been after the jump.

News from around the blogosphere and beyond:

  • Looking for Team Canada’s World Junior lines from the camp’s tryouts?  Here’s your chanceLooking forward to getting a prolonged look at Taylor Hall.
  • Does Bill Belichick like hockeyHe’d probably like to have Randy Moss spend five minutes brawling with Milan Lucic at this point in time.
  • Here is an amazing story of a Swedish referee saving a player’s life on the ice with CPR.  CPR should be a pre-requisite for all refs.
  • Damien Cox is adamant that the Leafs have messed up in their development of Luke Schenn thus far.  Two schools of thought on this one.  However, we can all agree that Schenn has not played even average hockey so far this season.
  • The bottom half of the Eastern Conference is terribleTotally agree.  In fact, I think it is noticeable to the naked eye–as the quality of play and excitement isn’t exactly high.
  • Kevin Allen has some nice things to say about the prospective Coyotes owners.  I’m sure they are bright and nice people but how on earth they plan on making money in the desert is beyond me…
  • In good news, Martin Gerber’s injury isn’t as serious as once suspected.  Great to hear.
  • If you want an update on how IllegalCurve is doing in the SportsJudge Fantasy Hockey Challenge here it isGoing to need Spezza and company to pick it up but I still believe in my team!