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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Ovechkin angry about suspension, Milan Lucic has acting skilllz, Leafs’ Gustavsson to see cardiac specialists, Top 10 What’s up with that?

Bill Guerin the music man; Andrew Ladd makes a forgetable shootout attempt; Brad May gets punked at practice; Wild players say goodbye to their staches; a look at the impact that travel has on offensive performance. These stories and a cool deleted video from Mighty Ducks II movie after the jump.

For the latest NHL news, follow Illegalcurve on Twitter.  Here is tonight’s hockey news from across the blogs:

  • Capitals Insider: Ovechkin ‘angry’ about suspension.  He sure seems surly during this interview.
  • Empty Netters:  Bill Guerin the music man.  Given the choice, what type of music do you think Bill Guerin prefers to listen to when the cd is actually working?
  • CBC:  Leafs’ Gustavsson to see cardiac specialists.  Hopefully the young Leafs netminder is ok.
  • Hub Hockey:  Milan Lucic actor extraordinaire.  He actually has some good personality during the commercial and came across better than the Penguins version I discussed in today’s On the Beat.
  • NHL Fanhouse: Andrew Ladd’s forgettable shootout attempt.  Not a good attempt but if you look at the Top 10 Shootout failures, it wouldn’t have cracked that list.
  • Red Wings TV:  Brad May falls for the water bottle prank.  No respect for the team’s resident greybeard.  Speaking of facial hair….
  • Puck Daddy:  Heartfelt tribute to the end of Minnesota’s mustaches.  The Wild players did a nice thing for charity with their Movember mustache drive.
  • Lions in Winter:  Top 100 Habs by decade (59-69).  Quite a number of quality guys to pick from, considering they won 5 Stanley Cups during those 10 years.
  • Behind the Net:  Impact of travel on offensive performance.  Not a shocking result.  Makes me wonder if Western teams are more adversely affected by this than Eastern teams?
  • The Hockey News:  Top 10 What up with thats?  Who would expect the Penguins to be 1st in hits, while the Flyers languish at 28th.  What’s up with that?

Brad Perry was an advisor and stuntman on Mighty Ducks II and they asked him to come up with a move that had never been seen before.   They deleted the scene but here it is: