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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Milan Lucic is the most famous 40 point player ever, Al Strachan hates on Leafs fans, Forsberg leaning toward Washington,

Al Starchan throws down Leaf fans while another blog wonders what it means to be a true sports fan. Forsberg is looking at Flyers and Caps in a possible NHL return. Doug Weigh wants J.T. to feel “at home”. Interesting polling numbers via ESPN’s realignment article. Is the Lucic hype overblown? These stories and more after the jump.

News and notes from across the blogs:

  • Down Goes Brown:  Toronto media stops figuratively beating up Leaf fans, moves on to literally beating them up.  Could Al Strachan not have hired hot chicks to be in his video?
    why the leafs suck
  • T.O. Sports:  What does it take to be a true sports fan?  While not strictly a hockey argument, very applicable to all sports.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Who stays and who goes?  Nice to finally have so many options again!!
  • All things Avs:  A report from Sweden on Foppa.  If he could get back to his playing strength, wouldn’t he look dangerous playing with the Caps.
  • Japers Rink:  Two goalies for opening night.  It appears that Caps fans are divided about Theodore’s #1 starter status.
  • Working the Corners:  Providing a little more context for that earlier posting about Huskins and a few others.  When Coach McLellan says you need to work on your game to the press, its probably a good idea to start working a little harder.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Weight makes Tavares feel at home.  Nice to see NHL players “paying it forward” to the younger guys, although I’m sure Mario is hoping that Sid the Kid moves out.
  • ESPN:  Realignment plan, agree with it yes or no?  More interesting than the realignment plan was that with 29,000 votes, 88% wanted to see Phoenix leave and 43% felt Winnipeg most deserved an NHL team.
  • Puck Daddy:  Blackhawks must avoid ESPN the Magazine hex.  Not sure I believe in Madden or SI curses.  What the Hawks better avoid is disappointing the city of Chicago, which is expecting even bigger things this season.
  • Brodeur is a Fraud:  Conn Smythe Trophies.  Some interesting points made and a unique alternative offered.
  • Inside the Kings:  Keys to the season.   I think the key in L.A. will be goaltending.
  • Coyotes Hipcheck:  Tippet can do and Maloney too.  The former Hartford Whaler connections are back together and ready to make some noise.
  • Flyers Goal Scored By:  Hartnell not a big deal.  I thought Hartnell looked pretty good when the Flyers played Detroit last week.
  • Sporting News:  Crosby vs. Ovechkin – Rivalry more PR than personal.  The NHL loves to play it up.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  The NHL’s top goal horns.  I’d agree that the Battle of Alberta horns are probably the best.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Monster will make his debut in Detroit tonight.  Better hope Detroit doesn’t pepper him with too many shots.
  • Hockey or Die:  Milan Lucic is the most famous 40 point player ever.  Just goes to show you how important a player Marc Savard is to Boston.
  • In Lou We Trust:  New signings and roster cuts in Jersey Camp.  Some very good analysis as to where the Devils currently stand.
  • The Hockey News:  Hockey Canada looks to grow relationship with Gretzky.  Gretzky and Yzerman,  now that’s a duo I’d pay to watch.