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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Burke rejects Kaberle rumours, Alex Ovechkin’s “risk”, Habs continue to look for Markov’s replacement, Wild grow some wild Staches, using chess to evaluate hockey heavyweight fighters.

Creepy Flyers date; Rangers in need of wake-up call; Bruins re-sign Rask; Wings Lilja headache free for three days; evaluating Brett Hull’s career. These stories and some good Brian Burke video after the jump.

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And now for word from around the blogs:

  • Japers’ Rink:  The “risk” of Alex Ovechkin.  I can think of 29 other teams in the NHL ready and willing to put with that “risk”.
  • Flyers Goal Scored By:  Creepy Flyers date.  I always know when a blog posting is funny because I actually laugh out loud (sorry but I refuse to use short form) while reading it.  I believe Drew reported something like this for a Penguins playoff game two years ago.  Innovative thinkers in Pennsylvania, good way to find a date or a victim.
  • The Dark Ranger:  A wake up call from a rivalry past.  Looks like it will be up to Henrik Lundqvist to step up for the Rangers.
  • The Bruins Blog:  Rask re-ups for two years.  Good signing by the Bruins.  He’s young, pretty solid and can develop under Tim Thomas.
  • Pension Plan Puppets:  Taking a look a closer look at Jeff Finger.  Looks like Leaf fans believe that Toronto will be looking to make a trade.
  • Lions in Winter:  Replacing Markov – cheat sheet for a procrastinating GM.  I like option #3.  Go with Cheli.  He’s still got something left in the tank.
  • Canucks Hockey Blog:  Things I love and things I hate.  Bet the Wings wish they had Samuelsson’s points on the team.
  • Deuce by Definition:  The secret of my success.  Very cool that Nick Shultz of the Wild has the team growing a stache for charity.
  • On the Wings:  Lilja headache free for three days.  I have one friend who would love this story and another who would hate it based on the ‘specialist’ he saw in Vancouver.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  What’s wrong with the Blues?  While I’m not sure the source of their malaise, if there is one coach who I would just like to see win, it’s Andy Murray.
  • The Hockey News:  Most memorable moment of Brett Hull’s career still tainted for some.  Sure was, but only because I didn’t pick him in the OT pool.  I just saw an old NBC playoff clip of Cherry giving it to Hull about his foot in the crease after Hull claimed Alfredsson directed the puck into the netHow good was that Oates to Hull combo for St. Louis!!
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  Who should be a part of the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2010?  I’m with Joe in that my guess is that Gilmour, Oates and Bure will be included but that is quite a list of players who are eligible.  Who would IC readers like to see make it from that list?
  • Behind the Net:  Ranking the NHL’s fighters.  Who would have thought you could use chess to aid in ranking NHL fighters!  Gabe Desjardins apparently.  Check out his site.  Really good hockey information.
  • Hockey Rumours:  Kaberle to Blackhawks has ‘no legs’.  But is Burke being up front?
  • Bloge Salming:  The outtakes.  Very witty (and crude) video which had me laughing.  Especially the Brian Burke and Cliff Fletcher scene.