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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: 2009/10 NHL Season starts now, Joe Sakic Night in Colorado, Do the Oilers need Ice Girls? Are Shots off post in 3rd period a difference maker?

Tonight is the night. The season is underway (including video of the 1st goal of the season). As we begin another season of exciting hockey, Colorado says thanks to Joe Sakic. The Bruins forget to wash their paws. Marty Brodeur isn’t concerned about retiring or the future of the Devils. Do the Oilers need Ice Girls? Benefits of expansion. These stories and more after the jump.

Some news and notes from across the blogs:

If you missed any of IC’s team previews, be sure to check out 30 Teams in 30 Days.  We have also made our Predictions for the upcoming season.

  • Japers’ Rink:  Happy go lucky no more.  While meant for a Caps audience, I think it applies to fans of most teams, ready for the season to begin.
  • Hub Hockey:  Is it too soon to be doubting Thomas?  I think it is.  These guys also gave us the newest Bruins video.  Gotta love Boston’s ingenuity, but does anyone else notice that the Bruin doesn’t wash his paws??
  • Flyers Goal Scored By:  A numbers game.  It is interesting when you find out why players chose certain numbersOf course when I think #3, I default to Sergei Bautin of the Jets
  • Fire & Ice:  Brodeur has no retirement plans yet and has zero concerns about team’s future.  With him in net, I’d have zero concerns about the future as well!!
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  Disappointing start.  Good assessment of tonight’s game.
  • Jibblescribbits:  Top 19 Sakic Moments.  Gotta love Burnaby Joe.  Should be a good ceremony in Denver tonight.  That is if you are able to watch the game.  Adrian Dater on All things Avs listed off the places to watch the gameif you aren’t getting it because of the Versus/DirectTv feud.
    Sakic 2
  • Canucks Hockey Blog:  A goodbye letter to Mats Sundin from a Canucks point of view.   So long and thanks for all the Shoes.  (anyone know which band sings that song?)
  • The Fifth Feather:  And now…deep thoughts.  Lots of good thoughts in this post, lots!
  • Oilers Nation:  Do you see what I see, edition VII.  I too have no problems with Ice Girls.  I thought the Star’s video was quite funnyBad acting yes, soft pornish, noI covered the idea of cheerleading in hockey (Do you have what it takes to be a Cheerleader and Q & A with a member of the Hurricanes Storm Squad).
  • Working the Corner:  Rookies Ferriero and Demers will both be in the lineup when regular season begins tonight.  The Sharks lineup looks very good.  Hard not to like these guys for President’s Trophy.
  • Hockey or Die:  Martin Havlat and Twitter.  I think it would be better if more NHL players were interactive with fans
  • Winging it in Mowtown:  Powerplay problems.  Hopefully for Wings fans its just a hiccup, but losing Hossa and Samuelsson might just mean that they are still readjusting  to the new lineup.
  • The Cannon:  What are the Jackets keys to success this season?  Nash, Nash and more Nash.
  • Globe on Hockey:  Time to hire a coach from Europe.  Still plenty of coaches with NHL coaching experience waiting in the wings.
  • The Spin:  Keystone cops at the NHLPA.  Does anyone think that Penny will accept responsibility?  When is someone going to take control of this rudderless ship?
  • On Goal Analysis:  Testing a Theory – Big Game Save.  Very interesting theory.  Should be interesting to see how it develops throughout the season.
    Off Goal Post
  • Hockey or Die:  Benefits of expansion.  No question the league got it right with Columbus and Minnesota.  It should be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.

First Goal of the 2009/10 Season:

Alexander Ovechkin scores his first of the season:

Singing O Canada at Air Canada Centre to open the 2009/10 Season:

And for the 4th year in a row, Montreal starts the season in OT and wins it tonight: