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NHL SuperSkills Live Blog

Welcome to the 2008 NHL SuperSkills Live blog, This event will showcase the super skills of all the NHL All Stars, except for the ones who injured (Sidney Crosby, Henrik Zetterberg), or with their families (Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo). Illegal Curve was able to obtain some press credentials for this event and I am writing live from the press box at Phillips Arena my basement watching on CBC HD. I am looking forward to tonights festivities. If you are not aware of tonights events, and rules, they are available here.

In order: Obstacle Course Relay, Fastest Skater, Elimination Shootout, YoungStars Game, Accuracy Shooting, Hardest Shot, Breakaway Challenge.

I will be updating this throughout the competition, timestamped (Central time) with the most recent entry at the top.

8:22pm: The competition is over, it was a bit of a snoozer at times, but some players were able to showcase their talent. Ovechkin was the superstar of the night, receiving the biggest ovation. Tomorrow is the All-Star game, for all you fans of Frozen Assets, the over/under is 16. Out.

8:18pm: Alex Ovechkin tries to spin-o-rama and then baseball bat the puck into the net and gets a loud ovation. Somewhere Sidney Crosby is sitting at home crying.

8:09pm: The balding (who knew?) 22 year old Ryan Getzlaf shows two of the nicer moves so far. This event is showing so far to be a bit of a bust, with goalies making the saves and poke checking. I wouldn’t mind seeing a shooter tutor or Mr. Sieve.

8:04pm: The moment everyone has been waiting for, the shootout challenge. Atlanta Hawk Dominique Wilkins, Scot Mellanby, Bill Clement and some guy from Friday Night Lights are judges.

7:42pm: Kaberle hits the target in sudden death, all the players celebrate. Greg Millen says “you don’t think these guys compete”. Settle down Greg.

7:14pm: Manny Legace makes a beauty breakaway pass to Patty Kane for a goal. Maybe I spoke too soon.

7:12pm: If the players don’t really care, should I be interested?

7:01pm: The YoungStars were just introduced, what a bunch of babyfaces, several of them look like they just had their bar-mitzvahs.

6:53pm: Dion Phaneuf, who knew he could deke like this? He wins the elimination shootout.

6:45pm: CBC has chosen to put a person skating with a camera behind the shootout shooters, it’s giving me a headache. Excuse me while I go throw up.

6:42pm: Jim Hughson explains that Brian Campbell’s time was the only one that registered for the East, so he was put in the final. Wow. Who is running this thing?

6:36pm: After much confusion, Brian Campbell and Shawn Horcoff face-off in fastest skater. CBC shows the time as 0.00 seconds. Someone explain to me what is going on here. I would have preferred the traditional fastest skater, and compare to former all stars such as Petr Bondra and Mike Gartner. I really had no idea what was going on there.

6:27pm: Evegni Malkin just screwed up on the stickhanlding. If Nelson Muntz was here he’d say Ha Ha!

6:25pm: If the first time wasn’t exciting enough, they are doing this course again. Alright!

6:20pm: Obstacle course relay, this is new. Great hands displayed by Spezza and Henrik Sedin. This is a nice change from guys skating through pylons.

6:17pm: Sidney Crosby wasn’t available to play in the competition tonight, but he is featured playing with children in Tim Hortons commercials. What a role model.

6:07pm: Here’s the most exciting part of the night, the player introductions. Is it just me, or does Mike Ribero look like a starving fetus?

6:00pm: I just got back from dominating the cowbell, lets get this thing started.

5:00pm: I have gone to practice with my Rock Band, Estimated Tongue. I am quite the shredder on lead guitar (Medium Difficulty), I’ll be back around 5:45 with updates.