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Anaheim Ducks

NHL Playoff Morning Papers (Monday Edition): Teemu Selanne dealing with his struggles, Eric Staal dominates Game 6 and the circus that has become the Capitals/Rangers series

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins (1) versus Montreal Canadiens (8)

Washington Capitals (2) versus New York Rangers (7)

New Jersey Devils (3) versus Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) versus Philadelphia Flyers (5)

Western Conference

San Jose Sharks (1) versus Anaheim Ducks (8)

Detroit Red Wings (2) versus Columbus Blue Jackets (7)

Vancouver Canucks (3) versus St Louis Blues (6)

Chicago Blackhawks (4) versus Calgary Flames (5)

Non-Playoff Teams/Stories:

  • Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star says fighting isn’t always responsible for changing the momentum of the game.  (Writer’s note: Maybe he’s been reading this site, as I’ve been arguing the same thing for the past two days)
  • Not surprisingly, Canada dominated Hungary at the World Hockey Championships.