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NHL Morning Papers

NHL Morning Papers (Tuesday Edition): Lots of prospect information, which teams have been serious about Phil Kessel and Sidney Crosby’s new friend

With prospect camps starting before training camp begins, there is lots of news about each team’s top youngsters. Additionally, there is talk about Dany Heatley reporting to Senators camp, Phil Kessel’s availability, Jim Balsillie’s new offer and a lot more.

Coyotes News

  • Carrie Watters of the Arizona Republic provides details on Jim Balsillie’s amended bid to purchase the Coyotes.
  • This amended bid puts pressure on the NHL, writes Paul Hunter of the Toronto Star.
  • If the Coyotes do move, what will the relocation fee actually be?
  • The auction for the Coyotes is scheduled for Thursday, but Judge Baum has yet to even rule on whether Balsillie can partake in the auction.