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Detroit Red Wings

News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Sean Avery likes to pay for it.
2. Dan Boyle should avoid all sharp objects.
3. Spector expects many changes to the Wild’s roster for next season.
4. The NHL will experiment with virtual ads during the playoffs.
5. The NHL did not break any anti-competition laws when it stymied Balsillie’s attempt to purchase the Penguins.
6. Ian Mendes reflects on his prediction that the Penguins will miss the playoffs.
7. An entertaining column on the use of ice level analysts for hockey broadcasts, including a tidbit about Pierre McGuire apologizing to his bff, Sidney Crosby.
8. Larry Brooks with his thoughts on the Rangers loss to Pittsburgh, including a mention of Jaromir Jagr meeting with the Omsk GM.
9. Richard Peddie needs a Xanax. Cheer up buddy! You will still sell out for the foreseeable future.
10. All Things Avs is not especially happy with the return of Peter Forsberg.
11. The Blueshirts Blog wonders why referees get fooled by dives and embellishment.
12. Does any rookie get more press than Milan Lucic?
13. The NHL Playoffs from a European perspective.
14. Paul Kukla hopes to see some consistent officiating in the playoffs.
15. Bob Nicholson would like to see fewer fights in the CHL, which is reducing rosters from 23 to 21 in the hopes of curbing fighting.
16. Ken Campbell discusses the rankings of the NHL General Managers.
17. Adam Proteau with his thoughts on the NHL.
18. Pierre Lebrun discusses the winning ways of the Detroit Red Wings.
19. Need a laugh? Check this out.
20. The field for the Frozen Four is set.
21. The new coach of the Canadian Women’s hockey team will accept no excuses for losing.
22. Scott Burnside with his Monday rant.
23. The Puck Stops Here discusses the restoration of hope in Oilerville.
24. Kyle Rogers has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
25. To end the day off right, check out these quotes from the Penguins play by play guy and the Tampa mascot terrorizing people on the beach.