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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Bertuzzi v. Crawford, 1 TSN. 2d 123, (2008). Lame law school joke…
2. TSN is reporting that Roberto Luongo is back with the Canucks after the birth of his baby.
3. Bob Mckenzie isn’t losing any sleep over fighting in junior hockey.
4. James Duthie introduces us to Middle Standings Syndrome.
5. Dan Pollard stands behind Luongo’s decision to leave the team to be with his family.
6. Brian Duff points out that home ice isn’t always an advantage.
7. The Hockey News ranks the GM’s on their Trade Deadline performance.
8. Milan Lucic is a fan favourite in Boston.
9. Adam Proteau updates us on the status of the playoff bubble teams.
10. Pierre Lebrun writes that there are no quick fixes available for the Maple Leafs.
11. Sean McCormick makes the case for Sam Gagner for the Calder.
12. Mike Fisher has his own song.
13. Looking back at Rick St. Croix.
14. Everything you ever wanted to know about Mike Cammalleri.
15. Having solved the language debate, the Quebec government gets involved in junior hockey.
16. Mike Toth wonders why so many “fighting experts” come out of the woodwork after high profile brawls.
17. Former NHL’er Dave Gagner has been arrested for impaired driving.
18. The Canadian Women’s Hockey team tries to separate politics from sport as they travel to China for the World Championships. Maybe they should tell Jean Charest…
19. Kelly Hrudey says that scouting is becoming extremely important in the NHL.
20. The Kingman Miner (?????) gives us its thoughts on how to change the game.
21. In the best article I have seen this week, Loose Change tells nerds to leave hockey alone. Suck it nerds. Go back to the basement and read Moneyball.
22. Want more moaning and wailing but are too cheap to rent a porno? Read about hockey fights instead!
23. Here are the Odds on the NCAA Tournament.
24. Interesting story on the world of scouting from the National Post.
25. How to build the perfect NHL’er.