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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Playoff positioning is extra tight in the East. Thats what she said?
2. The Flyers will be without Derian Hatcher and RJ Umberger for the season and the next two weeks, respectively.
3. Is Malkin better without Crosby?
4. Jim Kelley weighs in on the Pronger suspension.
5. Don’t look now, but the Panthers are surging.
6. A preview of the CHL Playoffs, with a look at the favourites.
7. The weekly release from the USHL.
8. Minnesota Gophers Forward Tom Pohl has surgery to relieve bleeding on the brain.
9. ECHL’er Robin Gomez may face charges for sucker punching Chris Ferraro.
10. The Hockey News catches up with Fred O’Donnell.
11. Want to know more about a player you never heard of? Check this out.
12. The weekly Hot List from the Hockey News.
13. Meet the consensus #1 pick in the OHL Draft.
14. The Canadian Press pegs the Pacific Division as the race to watch.
15. The weekly Campbellnomics post.
16. A preview of the CIS Men’s Hockey Championships.
17. A list of some of the more creative nicknames in the NHL.
18. A look at the internet hype created by NHL goalie equipment.
19. The Blue Jackets are having trouble staying healthy.
20. Someone made a documentary about the Whalers.
21. Detroit is abuzz with Babcock rumours.
22. Darren Eliot tabs Marty Brodeur as the best goalie ever.
23. Erik Ersberg is the latest puck stopper in the Kings Dial-a-Goalie system.
24. Mary Buckhelt gives her opinion on the tie game in the Michigan High School championship.
25. Joe Pelletier’s Top 10 Defenders.