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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Pierre Lebrun previews the playoff picture.
2. An update from the CHL.
3. The weekly release from the USHL.
4. This is what I assume a Calgary Flames practice looks like, only with less manliness.
5. EJ Hradek looks at the top stories from last night.
6. Are you sitting around thinking, “Man, I wish I could ogle some girls who have a slight affiliation with hockey and then judge them.”? If so, your wildest dream just came true.
7. Want to know all about the SM-Liiga? Its your lucky day.
8. The latest Hockey News Top 10 lists looks at who really puts out on the road.
9. NHL Agent Rand Simon with his thoughts on the game.
10. It looks like Chad Kilger will not be playing for the Panthers.
11. A look at Boston U. forward Colin Wilson, projected to go in the 1st round of this year’s NHL entry draft.
12. Ken Hitchcock remains optimistic about Columbus’ playoff hopes.
13. Don Cherry hearts hockey moms.
14. Brent Sutter is being considered for the head coaching job for the 2010 Olympics.
15. Kind of an old post, but check out the Top 10 Don Cherry Suits.
16. Play the NHL player guessing game.
17. Sergei Fedorov’s family may be psychic.
18. Mike Brophy profiles a bunch of players who are quietly having a good season.
19. Damien Cox with a list of playoff matchups he wants to see.
20. INCH thinks that the Hobey is Kevin Porter’s to lose.
21. Eric McErlain wonders who is the best player in the NHL.
22. Victor Chi looks at the game’s top snipers.
23. Just because I am bored, here is another chance to judge pretty girls. This time its for hottest individual ice tart.
24. Its been a good day for hockey tarts.
25. Joe Pelletier’s blog looks at goaltending innovators.