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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. Darren Dreger reports that the GM’s job in Toronto is Brian Burke’s, if he wants it.
2. Pierre Lebrun examines the Carolina Hurricanes’ acquisition of Sergei Samsonov.
3. Andy Murray’s troubles in St. Louis and Ryan Miller signing with the Red Wings headline the rumours of the week.
4. The Hot or Not list from the CHL.
5. John Paddock says he would have handled the Emery situation differently if he could have a do-over.
6. North Dakota is the new #1 in the INCH Power Rankings.
7. Larry Brooks calls for the NHL to lead the fight against steroids.
8. Check out this video clip on Christian Hanson, son of Dave Hanson. No mention of him bringing toys on roadtrips.
9. Interesting post by Mirtle about the mechanics of the draft lottery.
10. Jeff Bromley posts the Best of the East poll from the WHL.
11. Sean Avery has broken off contract talks with the Rangers, marking the first time he has ever stopped talking.
12. The Penguins are eagerly anticipating seeing their team at full strength.
13. Sweet post at Pensblog with facts and anecdotes about all the NHL arenas.
14. EJ Hradek reminds NHL fans not to overlook the Bruins.
15. Everything you wanted to know about Teemu Selanne but didn’t care enough to ask.
16. Scott Burnside wonders how injuries are going to affect the NHL awards.
17. The Boston Globe with a look at the increasing age of incoming college freshman.
18. Bruce Dowbiggin looks at the goalie situation in Calgary.
19. Check out this 5 year old little bugger, who has scored 230 + goals this year. Plus, his name is Jet Lee.
20. Check out Eric Nystrom’s homage to Ned Braden. I am sure it comes as no surprise that Nystrom is a Flames prospect.
21. Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal provides a cornucopia of information on whats going on around the NHL.
22. Allan Muir of SI previews the race for the final playoff spots in the East.
23. An entry from Milan Lucic’s blog.
24. Ken Campbell admires Bob Gainey’s decision to go with Carey Price.
25. Spector re-hashes the trade deadline deals.