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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. James Mirtle with a post on David Brine, the first graduate of Making the Cut to skate in the NHL.
2. The weekly release from the USHL.
3. The Avalanche have recalled Michael Wall.
4. Kukla discusses the upcoming trade deadline, specifically the value of rumours.
5. Alex Pietrangelo is drawing comparisons to Chris Pronger. I assume this means he is “friendly” with local tv reporters, has a nasty gap in his teeth and has had Oiler fans burn his baby furniture.
6. Bryan McCabe may return to the Leafs lineup by Thursday night, thus reclaiming his role as lead pylon.
7. The NHL’s Junior Report interviews USHL president Gino Gasparini.
8. The ECHL Report you have all been waiting for.
9. Fabian Brunstrom has NHL GM’s all aflutter.
10. BC defeats BU to advance to the Beanpot final to face Harvard. How do you like them apples?
11. The Forechecker explores the myth that goalies get better if they are facing more shots.
12. Taking Note details the suspensions and fines handed down by the WHL for last Friday’s fights.
13. Maple Leafs’ forward Robbie Earl credits Wayne Gretzky for getting him interested in hockey.
14. Scott Morrison details the calamity that has been the Oilers’ season.
15. Jim Kelley is pissed off at the Peter Forsberg situation.
16. The Clutch Factor adds more formulas to the way fans look at the NHL.
17. The New York Times suggests that Nike (and likely Bush-Cheney) were ultimately responsible for their own downfall in the hockey market.
18. A slow hockey news day has brought us the story that elite hockey players sweat more.
19. The Phoenix Coyotes have sent Daniel Carcillo to the minors for a wake up call.
20. The University of New Brunswick is the class of Canadian men’s college hockey.
21. Dr. Hockey with his list of the 10 Players most likely to be traded at the deadline.
22. Paul Friesen wonders if the asking price for an NHL team has put Winnipeg out of the running for a new team.
23. Proving that he can use complete sentences, Chris Pronger offers advice for Gary Bettman.
24. Kyle Okposo is featured in this week’s hot list.
25. Actual Headline: “Oilers Suffer Big Blow“. If I “suffered” big blow’s as often as the Oilers, I doubt you could wipe a smile off my face.