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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. The IIHF will go to a 4-official system at the World Championships.
2. The Flames and h ave assigned Eric Nystrom to the AHL and Patrice Bergeron has returned from vacationing in Aruba.
3. Doug Gilmour said to be confused over his role with the Leafs. Also confusing Gilmour, the statutory age of consent.
4. Blah, blah, blah, blah, Leafs, blah, blah, blah.
5. The St. John’s Fog Devils will relocate to Quebec.
6. Tom Glavine still wonders if he could have made it in the NHL.
7. Something about a Wang that enjoys growing…
8. Magnus Wernblom is closing in on the scoring record in the SEL.
9. This year’s CHL Prospects game will be defense heavy.
10. A primer on how to coach an All-Star Game.
11. Spector says that Hossa might stay in Atlanta now that the playoffs are a possibility.
12. Interesting take on the lack of action in getting more NHL teams in Canada.
13. A pretty hilarious photoshop contest over at Pensblog. The Flyers are the natural target.
14. A story on the Gamebreaker video system from the Prince George Citizen.
15. My least favourite hockey analyst and least favourite newspaper have joined forces to create a plethora of suck.
16. Worst hockey mom ever. Note to all the studly 16 year old hockey players out there: If your next conquest could be mistaken for your hockey bag, don’t hit it.
17. John Ferguson Jr. ponders his future. If he just waits a few years the Leafs will hire him back.
18. Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star tells us the goal of Leafs’ Nation is to find their “Bryan Colangelo”. No wonder they can’t play hockey. Too many scouts looking for 6’8 guards and mobile swingmen.
19. A faction of the Edmonton Investors’ Group is attempting to match Daryl Katz’ offer. Smells like a bidding war to me.
20. Not sure why this story is getting so much attention, but the Pens Tyler Kennedy is out with mono.
21. The final instaalment of the Staal brothers will take the ice at the CHL Prospects game tonight.
22. Jyri Niemi of the Saskatoon Blades won the hardest shot competition at the CHL Prospects game with a 97 mph blast.
23. The Hockey News, apparently addled from being in Toronto for too long, attempts to give the Cy Young Award to 10 NHL’ers.
24. Catching up with Gilbert Dionne.
25. Mike Milbury has his own blog. I am going to see if I can acquire it from him for a blog to be named later.