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News You Can Use Late in the Day

1. TSN is reporting that Brent Sopel and his hair have agreed to a three year contract extension with the Hawks.
2. The Hawks also sent Magnus Johannson to the Panthers in a trade today.
3. Former Preds owner Craig Leipold has bought a majority stake of the Wild.
4. The AHL has named their Planet USA roster for the upcoming All-Star game.
5. In an exchange of players no one has ever heard of, the Ducks and Islanders swapped Matt Keith and Darryl Bootland.
6. Teppo Numminen will likely miss the rest of the season. If he only had a little heart…(too much?)
7. Tom Preissing wrote his senior thesis on the competitive balance in the NHL. Meanwhile, TJ Oshie uses elevators as toilets…
8. asks former collegians what they would have done differently with their college career. Still no mention of getting arrested in an elevator…
9. John Kreiser looks at who is hot and cold in the NHL and gives a comprehensive run-down of each team’s injury list.
10. Chris Pronger tops the list of Western Conference All-Star additions. I wonder if his wife will let him play?
11. Darren McCarty is attempting a comeback with the Flint Generals of the International Hockey League.
12. A look around the American Hockey League.
13. Jeff Gordon thinks its time for a regime change in Los Angeles. They had better find WMD’s first, or the Democrats will never let them live it down.
14. Check out this brawl from the Russian Super League. The referees are sure Stalin before getting in there. I guess they are all about Lenin them go.
15. Interesting story about the new CBC drama, MVP.
16. Craig MacTavish has asked Ethan “Mr. Glass” Moreau to stop fighting.
17. Mike Toth with his thoughts on the Leafs.
18. On Frozen Blog is reporting that Alex Ovechkin has signed a contract extension with the Washington Capitals.
19. James Deacon of AOL Sports says Brendan Shanahan is the poster boy for the new NHL.
20. Brian Duff of the Hockey News says that Thomas Vanek was set up for failure.
21. Michael Farber wonders which goalie is the best in the NY area.
22. Damien Cox thinks that the Ducks‘ blueline is the best in the NHL. Nah, just a bunch of quacks. Someone stop me, please.
23. The Hockey News tells us all about Aaron Voros of the Minnesota Wild.
24. The latest in installment on the Roseau Rams.
25. The USHL has announced the rosters for the All-Star/Prospects game set for Green Bay, Wisconsin.