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Morning Papers take

Morning Papers Take: Would you go after Forsberg?

If you were an NHL GM would you be interested in Peter Forsberg?

In the Western Conference Morning Papers, Matthew Sekeras of the Globe & Mail wrote a short excerpt on the Canucks’ interest in Peter Forsberg:

Last year it was Mats Sundin. Now it’s Peter Forsberg. The Vancouver Canucks are interested in signing the former winner of the Hart Memorial Trophy if he’s up to NHL snuff, general manager Mike Gillis confirmed yesterday. Vancouver has six people watching Forsberg at the Karjala Cup tournament in Finland, according to the Team 1040 AM.

Canucks fans are probably saying, “Not again!!!!”  Over the past few days, we have received word that the Flyers have no interest in Forsberg, the Rangers do have interest and now apparently so do the Canucks.  After last season’s nightmare with Mats Sundin, Canucks fans are probably hoping their favorite team takes a pass on the future Hall of Fame player.  I wrote on basically this exact issue last December–right before Mats Sundin made his decision to join the Canucks.  My opinion from last December up until now really hasn’t changed.  I feel like Peter Forsberg could comeback to the NHL and help a team now.  I know he is an injury risk but his talent is worth it for a team that is close to a championship. 

Let’s be honest, the Canucks are a very good team–but with Forsberg–they are a championship contender.  Without him, I don’t think they are.  He has proven he can comeback mid-season and contribute to a team’s cause–he did it with Colorado twice–so, why not take that chance?  People may not remember, but when he came back two seasons ago with Colorado, in the games he did play, he was the team’s best forward.  For a Vancouver team that has its share of veterans, Mike Gillis would not be doing his job if he didn’t explore the Forsberg option.  Good for him for not being turned off by last year’s Sundin signing and continuing to attempt to find ways to improve his team.