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NHL Morning Papers: Thoughts on the outdoor game

(Note: I apologize for the late post this morning. My internet quit in my apartment right before I intended on posting this article around 8:50am CST. For new readers, the Morning Musings are generally posted between 8am and 9am CST.)

With all the talk about the outdoor game in Buffalo on New Years Day, I have to be honest, I really don’t care. Didn’t this type of game already happen? In fact, the idea has been done a couple times now. The Oilers/Canadiens played in Edmonton earlier this decade and Michigan State/Michigan played outdoors a few years back as well. Most likely, the game will result in a cash cow for the City of Buffalo, which is terrific, however, playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium during a winter day isn’t exactly going to raise publicity about the game of hockey for more than a day or two. Moreover, who wants to sit outside and watch a game in early January? Never mind the fact that most fans will be too far away in the football stadium seats to actually enjoy the game.

I think it is fair to say that this game is being played because the NHL sees a one time shot where they can sell 60,000+ seats and make a boatload of cash off the event. The publicity is secondary in this instance, for the NHL the all mighty dollar is number one.

On to the morning papers: