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NHL Morning Papers: These new uniforms need to go

I know many writers on Illegal Curve have already weighed in with their opinion on the NHL’s new RBK jerseys but I just can’t hold back. First off, these jerseys are far too tight. The players look like they have to suck-in their stomachs to even get into the uniforms. Moreover, you are restricting the patented jersey tuck-in that some players, i.e., Wayne Gretzky, used to have as their staple. Secondly, the uniforms actually look horrid. Wow! I can’t believe someone in the marketing department actually approved these with the expectation that the uniforms would be appealing to the hockey consumer. Has anyone seen the new Canucks uniform? The new Oilers uniform? The new Islanders uniform? They are all equally ugly. Due to the fact that these uniforms have just been tweaked and not totally remade (Washington aside), why would someone drop a couple hundred dollars on a jersey they probably already have.

The league needs a lesson in tradition and continuity. As a fan, all I ask is for less change. While I understand the desire to always improve and be on the cutting edge, in certain instances, that agenda can be taken too far. The NHL needs to stop changing uniforms, rules, etc., and stay true to the game.

On to the morning papers:

For Illegal Curve, I’m Richard Pollock.