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NHL Morning Papers: Taking off Sundays

As Michael Remis of Illegal Curve pointed out last night, the NHL has made a smart decision by not attempting to compete for ratings with the NFL on Sundays. The fact is, with the NFL being the biggest sporting entity in the United States, the NHL doesn’t need to go up against the league and fight for ratings. As well, with MLB playoffs underway, the NHL will already be hard pressed to get casual fans to pay attention to their product. I am firmly convinced that anymore than one game on Sundays is too many for the NHL. Even in Canada, where teams can get huge ratings on a Sunday night, the NHL would be better off leaving those games for the second half of the season when the NFL is into its offseason and the ratings possibilities are far greater. Think about it, there are 82 NHL games in a season and only 16 NFL games. Teams like the Cowboys/Giants play each other twice all season long. Whereas, the Rangers/Devils play each other 8 times in one season! If Joe Fan has to choose between the two, most right-minded people would favor the NFL. That is why the NHL is smart to avoid imposing such decision-making on even their most hardcore fan.

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For Illegal Curve, I’m Richard Pollock.