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NHL Morning Papers: My late take on the McAmmond hit

I know this issue has been discussed ad nausem for the last couple of days, but here are my quick two cents. Many around the game believe the pressure is on the NHL and Colin Campbell to make an example of Steve Downie and crackdown on head shots. I, however, somewhat disagree with this sentiment. The pressure in this instance, lies with the NHLPA. If the NHL gives a twenty game suspension to Steve Downie will things really change? Will players suddenly stop running at opposing players with reckless abandon? This writer doesn’t believe so. Therefore, the pressure should be on the NHLPA to organize meetings and information sessions between all NHL players to discuss, not only, the repercussions of giving and receiving a head-shot but the lack of mutual respect in the game today. For me, that is the main issue. NHL players no longer have as much respect for one another as they once did. How can the NHL as a governing body encourage an increase in on-ice respect? In short, it can’t. This is where the NHLPA comes in. It is for situations like this one that the PA was created. The leadership (however weak it is right now) has to gather the players together and preach the virtues of respectfully competing with your opponents without crossing the line. Without this message being delivered, the hits will keep on coming and, one day, a player may never get up from a brutal on-ice collision.

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