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Morning Musings: Give Ray Emery a break

For the past few days there have been a number of articles detailing the driving incident between Ray Emery and an Ottawa motorist. The details are murky at best, and most of what has been reported on both sides is purely speculative. Nonetheless, Emery has received a fair amount of bad press about the incident. The question I have is: Are we holding athletes up to standards that are unreasonably high? In all honesty, how many of these driver-rage incidents happen in any given day, in any given city? I am pretty sure the number is extremely high. While Emery obviously would have been better off ignoring the other driver and driving off, he had a bit of a fit, something many drivers do everyday. Do not take this opinion to be a complete defense of Emery’s actions, but rather this writer merely wonders why we have even heard about this incident? If Emery wasn’t a hockey player, would the driver still have reported the incident? The guess here is that he wouldn’t have.

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