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NHL Morning Papers: Don’t overreact

To all fans and poolies out there, I have just one suggestion: Don’t overreact! While some teams haven’t even played their first games yet, other teams’ fans are already calling the season a write-off. Yes, I am talking to you Leaf fans. But honestly, if a player scored a hat trick in the thirty second game of the season on a random Wednesday night, would you be starting to pencil him in for 80 goals? The fact of the matter is that games in the beginning of the season are the same as games during the middle/end of the season. Just because Jason Arnott scored twice on Thursday night doesn’t suddenly mean he is in for some crazy career year. Fans need to take everything in stride and exude at least some semblance of patience during the early part of the season. And to Leaf fans, do you think every team in the league is as good as Ottawa? Thought so.

On to the morning papers:

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