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NHL Morning Papers: Canada/Russia Super Series leaves much to be desired

After Canada destroyed Russia 8-1 on Tuesday night in Winnipeg, one has to wonder why this tournament was put together in the first place. Now, I understand the long standing relationship between Canada/Russia dating back to the storied 1972 Summit Series, but that was 35 years ago, in a fierce political climate that no longer exists between the two countries. Since September 28, 1972, Canada has played Russia in a number of hockey championships, but it is not as if any of those games were more heated than say games against the United States. In fact, with Canada’s close battles with the United States over the past couple of years, maybe they would have been better off staying on this continent and playing an eight game series throughout North America. I can guarantee you one thing, that series would not be this one-sided.

On to the morning papers:

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