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More on Sundin possibly going to Habs

From Eric Duhatschek of the Globe & Mail:

Obviously, that wouldn’t be an issue if Gainey can sweet talk Sundin into signing with them in the next 10 days, so that he could start the year in Montreal. Sundin didn’t want to move, largely because Toronto has been his home all these years – and it’s hard to imagine that he would ever consider one of the NHL’s far-flung outposts: a Nashville, a Phoenix, even New York, as a destination of choice.

But Montreal? In the province where his career started? In Canada, not the United States, so it’s a comparatively easy move on many levels, including financially. It might be an attractive alternative now that his Leafs career is almost certainly over.

“Mats has always been interested in Montreal. Montreal is trying to see if they can sign him now – and then we’ll go from there,” said Fletcher, adding: “It would be better if you guys hadn’t found out.”

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I still can’t get over how odd it would be to see Mats Sundin in a Habs uniform. That being said, he’d be a terrific addition to that team. That Habs already acquired Alex Tanguay, so if they can add Sundin to that, then they may be the co-favorites to win the East next year with Pittsburgh.