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Colorado Avalanche

Milan Hejduk is only going to play two more seasons

From Jes Golbez of NHL Fanhouse:

While Avs fans are understandably nervous about whether Joe Sakic will retire or not this summer, we can’t forget that 32-year old Milan Hejduk is no spring chicken, either.

In an interview on Pardubice’s (his ‘home’ Czech club) website, Hejduk all but confirmed that he’ll be retiring from the NHL after his contract with the Avalanche expires. This means it’s two more seasons and out for the Czech sniper.

Read the entire post from Golbez here.

To be honest, this is not as significant as it may sound.  Hejduk is not the player he once was in the early part of the 2000’s and two years from now he will be 34 years old.  Sure he’ll probably be a useful player at that time, but probably along the lines of a 20 goal, 20 assist type player.  While that is obviously a useful player to have on your NHL roster, he won’t be overly difficult to replace.