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Mike Green and the Missing Stick

From Jeff Klein over at Slap Shot Hockey:

Below, the stats in the incredible Capitals-Penguins series through Game 6 for the four superstars involved: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on the Pens’ side, Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green on the Caps’ side. (The categories are scoring, plus/minus, penalty minutes, average ice time, shots on goal, shots blocked and shots missed.)

posplayer, teamg+a=pts+/-PiMavg iceSoGblkdmssdhits
LOvechkin, Wsh7+6=13+662538221623
CCrosby, Pgh6+4=10+5223295107
CMalkin, Pgh2+6=8-262333849
DGreen, Wsh0+4=4-24261012616

Ovechkin, Crosby and Malkin are playing out of their minds, but whither Mike Green? During the regular season he notched 31 goals and set a record for defensemen by scoring in eight straight games.

Turns out the problem might be that he’s run out of his favorite stick.

Green scored all those goals this season with the light and whippy Easton Stealth CNT (which stands for “carbon nanotubes”). But the company discontinued the model, Green told reporters on Monday, and he broke the last of his stash of 15 in Game 1.

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Well it appears that Illegal Curve’s post by Kyle discussing the pros and cons (May 8th: I Got Wood) about Wood/Aluminum vs. Carbonate sticks is quite well timed to add to this discussion.  I would guess that if Mike Green is finding his new Easton S17 stick to be cumbersome, then any wood sticks would feel like concrete in his hands.  Will the Hockey Hall of Fame or the League allow him to use the record breaking stick that he gave them since it is quite possible that it could break?  The stick is back in his possession and perhaps, since hockey players are so superstitious, he might feel that it can help his game get back to the level it was at earlier this season.

Should he use his old Easton Stealth CNT or stick with the new Easton S17 or perhaps should he kick it really old school and return to the world of the Wood stick.