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Maybe Wayne Gretzky was a winer…

From Barry Melrose Rocks:

Of course you know that he was the best hockey player to ever play the game. That’s a given. You also may have heard that he was really good at making a daughter. OK, so the guy can do a couple things better than everyone else, right?


We might have to employ scientists to investigate, but Wayne may be the best human at everything ever. He’s started making a wine that bears his name out in Napa Valley: No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Estates 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. According to people who know a thing or two about wine, it’s apparently pretty good. Knowing nothing about the subject myself — in addition to not liking wine in general — I’ll turn it over to the folks at, per the Coyotes’ website.

Read the entire entry here.

Why do I have a feeling the Paulina Gretzky pictures will get more hits than this?