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Manitoba Moose forward Jeff Malott suspended one game (will miss today’s re-match)

Big loss for the Moose today.

On the ice during the Sunday matinee against Laval, Manitoba forward Jeff Malott contributed two goals in a 6-2 loss to the Rocket. At the end of the game Jets prospect Nikita Chibrikov was chasing the puck down and swung his stick at Manitoban Brady Keeper which drew a reaction from him on the young forward.

Once the final buzzer had sounded both teams came onto the ice but a melee had erupted as a result of the Keeper hit on Chibrikov which drew both teams together in the Rocket end of the rink (also where both teams head to their respective dressing rooms).

You can watch the entire exchange here:

As per play-by-play voice Daniel Fink the AHL has suspended Moose forward Jeff Malott for one-game and Laval defenceman Jayden Struble for three games.

Personally I don’t see anything that Malott did that rises to a suspendable offence but clearly the AHL saw things differently.