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Manitoba Moose 2022-23 schedule released

The Moose 72 game season is here.

We got a sneak peek at the 2022-23 season on Wednesday with the news that Manitoba would welcome Central Division rival Rockford to town on October 15th to kick off the AHL season. Looking at the other AHL home openers that were released yesterday we saw that the Moose will visit Milwaukee the following weekend for the Admirals home opener. Moose fans may still be a little sick of seeing the Admirals logo given that they faced each other 12 times in the regular season plus another five times in the playoffs during the 2021-22 campaign.

Heinola Barron

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve)

Last year the Moose faced the Canucks farm club which moved to Abbotsford eight times. This season there will be another new Canadian market as the Flames farm club in Stockton moved from California to Calgary where they will now be based. Folks will recall that during the “All Canadian Division” season in 2020-21 Stockton made a late decision to move to Calgary “temporarily” before they returned to Stockton last season which proved to be their final one. They just need the Oilers to move from Bakersfield (also in California) to Regina and it would make for quite the Canadian content in the American Hockey League spread out from British Columbia to Quebec.

So how do the remaining 70 games of the season shake out? Here is a look and a breakdown:

They play all the teams in their division eight times. No more 12 game sets for them.

They also play all the other Canadian teams at least four times with the exception of Abbotsford who they will play eight times.

Broken down by months they play:

October (7 games):

Rockford x 3, Chicago x 1, Milwaukee x 1, Iowa x 2

November (9 games):

Milwaukee x 1, Texas x 4, Grand Rapids x 2, Calgary x 2

December (12 games):

Milwaukee x 2, Iowa x 2, Calgary x 2, Abbotsford x 4, Belleville x 2

January (13 games):

Rockford x 1, Chicago x 2, Texas x 2, Belleville x 2m, Laval x 2, Toronto x 4

February (10 games):

Milwaukee x 4, Iowa x 2, Grand Rapids x 4

March (14 games):

Rockford x 3, Chicago x 4, Iowa x 2, Abbotsford x 3, Belleville x 2

April (7 games):

Rockford x 1, Chicago x 1, Texas x 2, Grand Rapids x 2, Abbotsford x 1.


Full Moose schedule