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Manitoba Moose 2016-17 Training Camp Day 9

Audio from day 9 of Moose camp.

Comrie at Moose skate

It was a Jetsy looking squad with a number of last year’s players finding themselves with the Moose to kick off the season.

Player Audio:

Eric Comrie:  How surprised was he to hear that Ondrej Pavelec was being sent down?  What does it mean for the Moose?  Does he expect it to be a daily competition?  How much does a guy his age need to play to get better?  Can he learn a lot from a veteran like Pavelec?

Ondrej Pavelec:  What has the last 24 hours been like?  Was he surprised when the Jets told him?  On his mindset moving forward?  How hard is the move to the AHL?  When did he first suspect the team may make this move?  On his play in pre-season for the Jets.  Was it fair?  What motivates him now?  How many games does he think he will get this year?  Did he speak to the coach about the plan?  On the Moose room.  How can he make lemonade out of this situation?  What was his best memory of the AHL when he first broke into the league?  Did he pay attention to the waiver wire?

Andrew Copp:  How surprised was he that he got sent down?  How could it be good long term?  How would he assess his pre-season and the games he played.  More a reflection of the depth of the organization as opposed to taking it personally?  Did they tell him what separated him from others or what he needs to work on?  More of an interruption than a set back to his career?  Is it harder or easier that the NHL/AHL clubs are in the same city?  How did he handle yesterday, what did he do?  Who were some of the guys who reached out to him?

Coach Audio:

Pascal Vincent:  How much does he like having the experience in the lineup?  Pavelec’s relationship with him going back to junior and how much can that be used to continue to work with him?  Trying to get the players over shock of move to AHL and motivated to be contributors with the Moose.  Balancing the experience of Pavelec with getting Comrie the experience he needs to grow as a goalie.  How hard is this for an NHL veteran like Ondrej?  What is the long term plans with the goalies?  Who will be the starting goalie on Friday?  Dano and Copp getting an opportunity to show more offence in the AHL.  Good news for Moose fans that the team got older?  Injury updates (Petan, Cormier, Lemieux).  What kind of role can Anthony Peluso play at this level?

Audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.