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New Jersey Devils

Look for Elias to shift back to the wing

From Fire & Ice:

Sutter said he spoke with Rolston and Holik on the telephone on Tuesday. Although Rolston can play center or wing, Sutter sounded as if he is leaning toward using him in the middle. That would probably prompt the shift of Patrik Elias back to left wing after he was moved to center last season.

“That’s Patty’s natural position, but that’s something we’re going to have to wait and see how things unfold in training camp,” Sutter said. “Whether Brian plays center or Patty plays center, that’s something to be determined, but Patty back at wing and Brian at center might turn out to be what’s best for us.”

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I think the Devils will definitely move Elias back to the wing. That is where he enjoyed his best offensive seasons, and that move would also lessen his defensive responsibilities.