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Live Blog: Winnipeg Jets Skills Competition

The Jets put their skills to the test.

Another solid Jets Skills Competition.  Be sure to check out all the photos on our @illegalcurve Instagram account.

Nikolaj Ehlers

Jacob Trouba

9:00 pm:  After the Skills Competition ended we spoke with Jacob Trouba and Nikolaj Ehlers.

8:50 pm:  The Jets come back out on the ice to hand out autographed gear to the fans.

8:45 pm:  Blake Wheeler grabs the trophy as Team White wins it.

8:33 pm:  Brandon Tanev almost face plants into the boards on the breakaway competition (which caused his teammates to roar with laughter) but then rides the stick back.

8:31 pm:  At this point it is all but over since Team White has built up a big lead (31-12).

8:26 pm:  Breakaway competition up now.

8:20 pm:  Andrew Copp just channeled his inner Mean Gene Okerlund as he grabbed the mic to ask Patrik Laine and Sami Niku who won the game between Canada and Finland. A smirking Patrik Laine tells the Bell MTS Place crowd “I’m sorry to have to tell you but Finland won 2-1 in OT”.

8:17 pm:  Team Blue wins it thanks to Jacob Trouba’s 98.0 mph blast.

8:15 pm:  Ben Chiarot went 97.3, 97.9 mph as his third shot failed to register (four times).

8:14 pm:  Jacob Trouba went 98.0, 91.3 and 95.3 mph.

8:13 pm:  Josh Morrissey went 89.1, 91.7 and 93.3 mph

8:12 pm: Joe Morrow went 93.0, 94.5 and 97.1 mph

8:11 pm:  Dmitry Kulikov went 91.9, 91.9 and 87.6 mph.

8:10 pm:  Tyler Myers three shots went 93.9, 87.2 and 87.5 mph.

8:03 pm: Hardest shot up next.

8:01 pm:  Jets players continue to interact including Jack Roslovic learning what a phone with a cord is.

8:00 pm:  Just two events left (Hardest Shot and Breakaway).

7:59 pm: Team White up to 25 points as they win puck control.

7:40 pm:  While they set up the fans get a chance to meet the players and get autographs with the glass lowered.

7:39 pm:  Up next is puck control relay.

Team White celebrates the win

Photo Credit: Dave Mahussier

7:38 pm:  His team celebrates the back to back wins.

7:37 pm:  Bryan Little wins it for Team White.

7:36 pm:  Patrik Laine went 4/4 in 13.6 seconds.

7:35 pm:  Josh Morrissey went 4/4 in 15.5 seconds

7:34 pm:  Tyler Myers went 4/4 in 13.2 seconds

7:31 pm:  Bryan Little went 4/4 in 11.6 seconds

7:30 pm: Mark Scheifele went 4/4 in 21.6 seconds.

7:29 pm:  Blake Wheeler went 4/7 in 13.1 seconds.

7:23 pm: Up next is accuracy.

7:22 pm:  No surprise that your winner of the Fastest Skater is Nikolaj Ehlers and wins it for Team White.

7:21pm:  Mason Appleton was 13.66

7:20 pm: Brendan Lemieux was 13.56

7:19 pm: Jack Roslovic with a 13.69.

7:18 pm:  Nikolaj Ehlers with a 13.25.  By my count the fastest time ever.

7:16 pm:  Looks like the Jets do honour their Thrashers history.

7:14 pm:  First event is Fastest Skater.

7:08 pm:  Five minute warm up.

7:05 pm:  Player introductions.  Wheeler wearing the old school Jets hat.  Patrik Laine did the double dab while being introduced.

Bell MTS Place for Skills

Note: Dave will be at the MTS Centre covering tonight’s Skills Competition. Stay tuned to and on social media including Twitter| Facebook | Instagram for plenty of pictures and videos from the MTS Centre. I will be live blogging so be sure to bookmark this post and you can follow the action.

Past Skills Competition Results:


Fastest Skater – Brendan Lemieux (13.45)
Accuracy – Blake Wheeler goes (4/4 in 8.4 seconds)
Hardest Shot – Dustin Byfuglien (98.3)


Fastest Skater – Nikolaj Ehlers (13.29 seconds)
Accuracy – Patrik Laine (4/4, 8.4 seconds)
Hardest Shot – Dustin Byfuglien (101.3 mph)


Fastest Skater – Paul Postma (14.16 seconds)
Accuracy – Mathieu Perreault (4/4, 9.5 seconds)
Hardest Shot – Ben Chiarot (107.7 mph)


Fastest Skater – Paul Postma (13.90 seconds)
Accuracy – Andrew Ladd (4/5, 10.0 seconds)
Hardest Shot – Ben Chiarot (103.0 mph)


Fastest Skater – Mark Scheifele (13.673 seconds)
Accuracy – Bryan Little (4/5, 12.0 seconds)
Hardest Shot – Anthony Peluso (103.9 mph)


Fastest Skater – Tim Stapleton & Evander Kane (14.06 seconds)
Accuracy – Kyle Wellwood (4/4, 9.38 seconds)
Hardest Shot – Dustin Byfuglien (104.0mph)