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Life in Pro Hockey with Rob Schremp (Ninth Edition)

Note: Periodically throughout the year, Oilers’ forward Rob Schremp will provide Illegal Curve readers with a unique insight into the world of professional hockey.

For Rob’s ninth entry, he discusses his recent promotion to the Oilers, his chemistry with Marc Pouliot and what’s so great about playing in the NHL.

Illegal Curve: When did you find out that you were being called up and what was your first thought?

Rob: I found out on the Monday before we played Dallas; not sure the date but my coach in Springfield called and told me.  It was pretty exciting.

Illegal Curve: Were you relieved when you picked up your first NHL point?

Rob: Yes.  It was pretty sweet to see the puck cross the line, I thought Marty Turco made the save for sure.

Illegal Curve: It seems that you have pretty good chemistry with Marc Pouliot. Do you have a certain comfort level playing with him?

Rob: I have played with marc a lot over the past two years, both in the minors and in Springfield/Wilkes Barre. We seem to read off each other pretty well and understand each other’s game.

Illegal Curve: San Jose has been on a tear this season. How would you describe playing agains them, given their size and speed?

Rob: They have every element to be a championship team.  The size, speed and skill and also the goaltending.  It felt like all we did the whole night was chase the puck, they were that good.

Illegal Curve: Lastly, what’s the best part about playing in the NHL?

Rob: Coming to the rink everyday and realizing that you are playing with and against the best players in the world;  whether it be the best skill guys or the best checkers and testing your game everyday. It’s pretty sick.

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